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Salma Ali

Selamat sejahtera. Nama saya Cik Salma binti Ali. Saya merupakan guru Bahasa Melayu dan berpengalaman mengajar selama lima (5) tahun di kolej swasta dan sekolah antarabangsa. Saya berkelayakan mengajar dua silibus: silibus kebangsaan (PT3 dan SPM) dan silibus UK (IGCSE). Para pelajar yang telah saya didik berjaya memperoleh keputusan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan serta mampu bertutur menggunakan Bahasa Melayu dengan lancar dan tatabahasa yang baik. Saya merupakan pendidik yang percaya akan pengajaran dua hala iaitu para pelajar akan turut serta dalam setiap aktiviti pembelajaran. Ini akan membentuk suasana yang interaktif dan berdaya saing. Para pelajar juga tidak akan berasa bosan sepanjang proses pengajaran berlangsung.

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Hurin Hasana Hasnan

Approaching 18 years of age, I passionately want to teach others in various subjects that I myself have mastered throughout the years. At large, I have obtained As for all the subjects I offer for my tutoring sessions. Before being on TeachMe, I have been a constant mentor and tutor for my schoolmates especially for those approaching the exam season. Since I am under the KBSM syllabus, it would be highly appreciated that this fact is taken into consideration. However, for simpler subjects like English and Mathematics, I can confidently guide with no matter the age. Due to MCO restrictions, all sessions will be conducted online.

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calvin chong

My name is Calvin, I am a working carer at a Dementia home for elderly. I have extensive knowledge in English as it is my forte. I wish to help students in English as it is part of my passion to extend my knowledge in English for the betterment of others!

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