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Kak Man Loi

My name is KakMan and I am currently working as a customer service executive, I have extensive experience knowledge in (Bahasa Malaysia , English and Chinese Mandarin) field. My last company is a China cooperative, so my jobs is to interpret and translating those documentation between Chinese , English and Malay. As I have more than 5 years customer service experience, throughout my career and experience, my language skills will be helpful while I become a tutor.

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Harinder Kaur

My name is Harinder Kaur. I am currently teaching English Language in SMK TAMAN BUKIT MALURI to the lower form students. I have experience in teaching the English Language for 10 years.

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Suhaida Abd Karim

My name is Suhaida Abd Karim and I’m currently a freelancer. I graduated in 2006 where I obtained my English Language and Literature degree from International Islamic University Malaysia. While I was still attached to a multi national company, I decided to pursue my MA in English Literary Studies and successfully completed my MA in 2012. However, fate has steered me in a different direction. Although both my Degree and MA are focused on English Literary Studies, I’ve been attached to numerous multi national companies as a Trainer for the past 12 years. I’m currently home based and eager to meet new people, connect with the community to build meaningful professional relationships to share my experience that could help people achieve their mission in life.

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