Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum requirements?

a. A laptop or desktop with an operating system that has a microphone and video camera attached.

b. Internet access with minumum 2Mbps speed.

c. Browser - latest Firefox or Chrome

Can I use my 5mbps Streamyx broadband?

The minimum available broadband speed for Teachme is 2mbps. Please check with your broadband provider.

How do I start my online session?

a. Within 24 hours before the online tutorial session started, you will receive the link in your email.

b. Or the link/button that appears in your dashboard.

c. Clik the link given 5 minutes before the schedule session.

My online session was disconnected mid way during the session?

Both student and tutor can go back into the session room using the same link.

I can only hear my student but not see them.

Please ask your student and yourself to exit and restart your browser. You may use the same link for the class session to go back to the session room.

My students cannot see my whiteboard

Please ask your student and yourself to exit and restart your browser. You may use the same link for the class session to go back to the session room. The link will expire after the class has ended or within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

Can I record my session?

At this moment, our system is not capable for recording any sessions.

I am not a university graduate, can I list as a tutor?

Yes you can. We encourage anyone who can tutor students to register as our tutor. Our representative will be calling you to verify all information given to us before you are listed in Teachme.

Why do you ask for my bank account information?

We need this to deposit your earnings month.

May I change my rate?

Yes, you may change your rate for any unbooked sessions.

My students says my rate is too high. Can I give them refunds?

Once a session is booked, you cannot change the rate. However, you are free to change your rate for subsequent unbooked sessions.

How much do TeachMe charge?

Launch promotion rate : 20% of tutorial rate

For the first 150 verified Tutors

Normal rate : Total Hours Worked Forthnightly

Calculated at 1st and 15th of each month Percentage of Fees
0 - 5 hours 30%
6 - 10 hours 25%
11 or more hours 20%

Will I be charge for GST?

We do not deduct your fee for GST. All GST obligation for the amount of your tuition fees is your responsibility, if applicable.

Do Teachme withhold my fees for LDHN purpose?

We do not withhold any of your fees for LHDN. You can print your income via Teachme in your dashboard if needed.

Do I get paid for the 30mins trial session?

No, you don’t get paid for it but it is a good way to get potential students to pick you as their tutor.

(My students) wants to book my calendar, but does not have enough prepaid credit in the account?

Your student is required to have enough credits to book your calendar. This is to protect from unethical over booking of tutor’s schedule.

Why do I (student) need to have credit for booking tutor’s calendar?

This is to protect from unethical over booking and blocking the tutor from being booked by other students.

Will my booking fee be refunded if the tutor cannot confirm his availability?

Yes. You tutor has 48 hours to accept your booking. If your bookings is not confirmed within that time, your booking fee will be credited back into your account.

What if my student does not come online?

You should wait and stay online in the session room for at least 15 minutes before closing the session and exiting. If after 15 minutes, your students does not get online, you are not obligated to stay online.

My students rate me negatively?

Once the rating has been set, the rating will remain. It cannot be removed. We advise both students and tutors to discuss about rating each other at the end of the session.

My rating is low, how do I change it?

Once the rating has been set, the rating will remain. It cannot be removed. We advise both students and tutors to discuss about rating each other at the end of the session.

Can I block a student from booking my calendar?

Any student with enough credit for booking fee, can book your calendar. However, you can open a dispute case with us to investigate. Please write an email to us at or via our chat service on the website. Any unethical practice can result in the account being removed and cannot be registered again.

How do I reschedule my session if I cannot make it?

You can reschedule any booked session on the website anytime 24 hours before the session begins. Just click reschedule button, you calendar will be tentatively block to avoid double bookings by other students. Your student will be informed via email and on their dashboard. Once they accepted the new schedule, your calendar will be blocked.

Can I ask another teacher to replace me if I cannot go online?

You may not replace yourself with another tutor. This is unethical. Unauthorised replacement of tutors may result in your account being removed. We suggest you ask the other tutor to register with us and then you may recommend them to your students.

Will my notes I give my students be shared to others users who are not my students?

Your notes belong to you. We do not share your saved contents with anyone. However, we have no control what your students do with your notes, including sharing it with anyone else. If you share notes via powerpoint or other means, please make sure you inform your students not to share them with anyone else.

Can I save my whiteboard content?

Yes you can save them as PDF file. We advise tutors to save all their white board contents before exiting the system. Once they exit the system, only the uploaded files shared with their students is saved in the server.

How many pages of whiteboard can I use?

You can create as many as your system and browser allows. It is limited only by your system.

How can I use my tablet as canvas for the whiteboard?

Just connect it via USB and your device is available to be used as a whiteboard. Anything you write on it will appear on the whiteboard your student is viewing as well.

Can my student bring in another student to join his session?

This is not allowed, tutorial session via Teachme is intended to be one to one session. You are encourage to report such activities to us by writing an email to or via our chat service on the website.

Can I go to my student’s house to have a face to face class instead?

Teachme is designed to be completely online service. It provides all the benefit of face to face tutoring session and the convenience of online. For your safety and your students safety, we do not allow this. In addition, we consider this as an activity to circumvent our services and may result in your account may be removed.

Can I use Teachme as a reference for job applications?

We do not issue references for job applications, but you are welcome to print you personal profile with the ratings and feedback to support your application.

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