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My name is Ben. I have been providing home tutoring for academic subjects such as primary level and secondary level since 2005. I have been teaching Mathematics, Additional Mathematics for both national and international students(IGCSE). Previously, I also provided lessons in Piano, Chinese, English, Science subjects as well but I have eventually moved to focus mainly in Maths, Add Maths and Piano lessons as these subjects creates the best results among my students. Since day 1 till todate, I have taught not less than 50 students under my guidance. I teach mostly 1-1 and small group class of not more than 5 students in a class. To me, quality supercedes quantity. Hence, the smaller classes.

My greatest achievement in tutoring over the years has been turning underperforming students in certain subjects into great improvement of grades. One great example was a primary 4 student that went from F to A for her Maths within a semester. More importantly is to make the students falling in love with these subjects. Once they love the subjects, everything else will be in place. I have great relationships with both the parents and the students which I make it a point to have outing activities with them at least once a year. Some students even follows my footsteps to become a part time tutor themselves once they finish school. That is another pride for me which might be a proof of their approval of what I do. Overall, I love what I do and I think that matters in the long run.

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