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Kai Bin Lai

About Kai Bin

My name is Kai Bin and I am a graduate from Monash University with a degree in Economics, Banking and Finance. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the Language, Mathematics and Science and Humanities field. This includes subjects such as English, Mandarin, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History and many more.

I have also spent my high school and college being educated in Singapore as an ASEAN Scholar. As learning and studying in a much harder and taxing syllabus while being under pressure to maintain good grades has developed me to be a smart and quick learner. My experience of educating students in Singapore has proven my ability to ensure students grasp difficult concepts and knowledge easily. I have also been recognized for improving student’s performance effectively while keeping the classes fun and interesting.

As such with my background of instructing students ranging from primary school up till university, I am confident to be able to work well as your tutor in all sorts of condition and environments.

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