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Dennyalle Lieshl Kisen

About Dennyalle Lieshl

Hi, beautiful people of planet earth!

My name is Dennyalle Lieshl Kisen but you can call me Teacher L. I've been a tutor/online tutor for around 2 and a half year. I mostly teach primary school kids and don't worry, I'm never picky.

I strive to help the students in learning English better and improve their required skills. I'm a very fun person but I can be very strict with homework and task given so I do appreciate students who finished them in time (trust me, it's for their own good)

I studied both diploma and degree in TESL and now working in the corporate world (still related to education though).
I am still young especially at heart but I assure you I can deliver result very well. Can't wait to help the students out and for them to love English as much as I do.

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