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Hi, I'm Marcus and I love everything if the word law is in it. I enjoy making law fun for all. Currently a 24 year old Second Class Upper University of London law (LLB) graduate who is passionate about jurisprudence, contract and criminal law. The law is so open textured, it encourages open discussions and debates so you may feel free to come to me to talk or to debate on any issues you may have about any area within the law. I've also been accepted to do the bar (BPTC) in Bristol but due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions on overseas travelling, it has been postponed. Previously taught at a kindergarten while completing my degree, so don't worry I will be able to handle any issues that arise. If you're looking to score in your exams, you know who to come to.

First of all, my goal is to align my lesson so that it will be in line with what my students aim to achieve. Therefore, I will be personalizing the learning experience so that each lesson is best catered to your needs and interests. My ideal classroom is one that encourages open discussion for me to gauge your understanding of the law and the way the law works, and to build on your understandings of the law. For those who are sitting for a more examination based subjects, I will be able to check your essays and to see what more is required so that you can boost your essay writings and get that all important extra marks that we all love so dearly.

Am doing this while waiting to go to Bristol. I believe that reading the law should be accessible to all and also because I have free time on my hands, which is why I'll be making the prices more affordable for those interested in my services.


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