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Syaril Ezzuddeen

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My name is Syaril Ezuan Ezzuddeen working as a medical doctor for the Ministry of Health Malaysia. I was a private secondary school tuition teacher for 5 years (since I was 14). I teach advanced mathematics (including statistics) and core sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). I do not just teach the subject material - I teach a student how to learn, how to plan their studying, how to prepare and score in exams and most importantly how to have fun learning.

I have not been paid to teach undergraduate medicine but I had a strong performance in medical school and 8 years of working experience. I have no issues with helping students understand important concepts but as always in medical school: I cannot help you memorise or practice - but I don't mind doing it together.

I've had many students over the years and have had to come up with many different styles and approaches to help you understand what you need to learn. The environment is very important so at home, at your school, a library or a private room I'll work with you to find it.

Life isn't all about studying. Studying well will bring you big rewards in life and family. I'm looking forward to learn together.

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