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Awangku Muhammad Syazwan bin Awangku Sazali

About Awangku Muhammad Syazwan


My name is Syazwan, and I am a final year Engineering undergraduate at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak.

I had an interest in tutoring my peers since middle school when I was sorted into the mentoring class of my SPM batch. Since then, my desire to empower peers and juniors through collaborative learning has grown. At university, I tend to conduct study groups before exam week. My style of T&L is always a peer-based. Despite being more knowledgeable in one area, my study peers and I always contribute to the same pool of knowledge and explore deeper for more comprehension of the subject.

When I teach, I never assume superiority in knowledge. By principle, I drive my knowledge exploration together with students and peers so that the learning is maximised and efficient all the time.

If you are ready and as excited as I am to explore a subject of choice, I am willing, happy to provide and allocate all resources available to me to help you through your learning experience.

Let's learn more with me, together!

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