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Shanice Chung

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I graduated from London School of Economics with Bsc Economics, and scored 10A+ for SPM and 4A* for A levels (Physics, Economics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics). Hence, I have sufficient knowledge on the subject material having done it myself. I have also given tuition in London and helped a student improve on her grades. My style of teaching is I would encourage students to think critically and understand a concept thoroughly so that they would be confident to tackle hard questions. I would first understand the level of understanding that the student is at and ask about his/her needs. I would then plan the lesson, and explain the concepts and encourage them to ask questions to fully understand the material. I also believe that explaining the subject material to someone is a good way of remembering it, hence to improve on their understanding, I would also encourage them to explain it back to me so that I can address any misconceptions.

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Posted 1 year ago

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