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Nathrah Hanim

About Nathrah

My name is Nathrah Hanim binti Muhammad Nazri. I'm 20 Years old. I'm currently studying in Universiti Tun Hussein onn pursuing first degree in Civil Engineering With Honors. I graduate Perak Matriculation college with 3.17 CGPA.
I'm a dedicated student which will do my best in every field in pursue. I have experience assisting student with problems in studying and assist until they can do and solve the problems on their own. I don't have any professional experience in teaching but I'm motivated to help anyone in help while I'm learning. my expertise is more to technical subjects such as math and physic. I focus more to this subjects but i was once in pure science. I'm good in biology as i have taken biology for 3 years. I learned math for almost 13 years but advanced math course for about 4 years. I'm an active student which can be shown as I volunteer in many program in both school and outside school. I'm also a student representative and appointed as student welfare representative. From my experience I'm able to handle stress and pressure. I'm also good in handling people form my past experience. This will give an advantage for me to able to adapt and assist anyone. As my vision in life strive for progress not perfection.

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