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Vikram Martin

About Vikram

My name is Vikram Martin and I am an Online Tutor. I have 6 years’ experience teaching Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE History. Throughout my career, I have been recognized for improving students’ performance from D and C to getting B for their IGCSE exam.
My background includes instructing secondary students in both classroom setting and online learning environments (using Zoom, Google Meet and Google Classroom).

Teaching methodology - My focus is in training students to Recognise the question; Recall the relevant information according to the marks allocated; and Apply using the PEEL method.

I am a specialist in the following areas of History:
Pre-IGCSE: Roman History, British History (From 1066 to 1918);
IGCSE: 20th Century History (Peace Treaty, League of Nations, Collapse of International Peace) and Russian History (Tsarist Regime, Lenin and Stalin)

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